Unsightly clutter can really detract from your home’s aesthetic. Whether it’s an ugly hose coiled on your home’s exterior or all your electronic devices taking over the countertops, eyesores are no fun to look at. But we’re here to help. Here are 17 outside-the-box ways to hide common eyesores around the home. Check out our other tips for hiding clutter while you’re here!

Make your home magazine worthy with these unique, clever and beautiful DIY tips and tricks to hiding common eyesores.

How to Hide Eyesores in Your Home

Tuck laundry hampers away so they’re not taking up valuable space in your bedroom or laundry room.

hide eyesores 10


Hide the garage door opener with a frame, a doorknob, and a little ingenuity.

hide eyesores 11


Use hinges to install a canvas on the wall near the thermostat. No one will ever suspect it’s there!

hide eyesores 12


Hide your router and modem inside a magazine holder. They’re neat and tidy, but still within easy reach.

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Clever Organization Ideas

Hide utility fixtures outside your home with a few shutters to create a screen. If you don’t have any spare shutters, here’s a tutorial on how to build some.

hide eyesores 1


Install a charging station in a drawer to keep it out of sight until you need it. This is a great solution if several family members have devices that need to be charged!



And here’s a tutorial on how to alter a drawer to hide your printer. What a space saver that is!

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I don’t know about you, but I never like seeing trashcans. This trash can cabinet is a genius idea! And you can make one yourself, so you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

hide eyesores 17


Create hidden storage books to hide anything you need! This is also a great solution for the router or modem, or for hiding a small box of valuables.

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Hide wires and cables under your desk to get the uncluttered desktop look.

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Lots of Smart Organization Ideas

Here’s another easy way to hide cords and wires: use command hooks to keep them in place behind your furniture.

hide eyesores 15


Use Airstone to cover an ugly bathtub. It looks so much nicer now!

hide eyesores 6


This DIY hose hiding outdoor planter is an attractive solution to covering up that ugly garden hose.

hide eyesores 9


Do you see the light switch in the midst of all that artwork? No? That’s because it blends in seamlessly! If you’re dealing with a light switch in an odd location, this is a terrific solution.

hide eyesores 7


Cover an ugly wall vent with a decorative doormat. This is one I never would have thought of!

hide eyesores 13


This smart lady used velcro strips and command hooks to wrap cords and hang them behind the desk and get them out of view.

hide eyesores 14


Have an ugly fridge, but a replacement isn’t in the budget? Wallpaper that thing! It’ll totally change the look of your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to use a bold pattern! Don’t miss our other fridge hacks!

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Genius Ways to Hide Eyesores