If you’re having trouble managing chaos in your house, we got you covered! Have you ever considered creating a family organization station in your house? These days, we live in such a busy culture that it can be hard to stay organized and on top of everything that everyone has going on. Work schedules, after-school commitments, play dates, appointments… the list is never-ending! And to *try* and track it all, we’ve got lots of options:

  • calendars – paper, dry erase, on our phones, on our computers;
  • post-it notes;
  • text messages and emails;
  • social media notifications.

If you feel like you’re perpetually one step behind, you’ve GOT to check out our round-up of some of the BEST family organization stations out there. From helping you how to organize the mail up to the closet and laundry room (or even the mudroom!), you will definitely love to try out these ideas in a glance!

20 organization station ideas to get your life in order collage a wall with a calendar and lists, a rolling cart with art supplies, a reclaimed wood backsplash organization center, craft supplies stored on a closet door in wire baskets, a hidden kids room desk for homework and supply storage

1. Create a Command Center on Your Wall to Organize it All

I have found that one of the best organization stations one can have, is a command center on your wall. By placing a calendar, dry-erase picture frame, and a couple of paper holders on a wall you see every morning, you can create a command center right in the middle of your home that not only looks pretty but functions quite well.

Find even more of our command center ideas here!

wall mounted command center calendar quote erase board notes
DIY Family Command Center from The Thankful House

2. Charger Organization Stations That Work for Your Whole Household

Do you have electronic devices strewn all over the place? And chargers? With all those hanging and tangling cables? It’s even worse if you have both Apple and Android devices. But there’s a way to put it under control, more than the wire baskets in Amazon!

Solve that problem by building a simple charging station. It can be customized to fit your needs, based on the electronic devices you have. You can even add a little spot for paper and pens for quick notes. One of the perfect essentials in the house, isn’t it?

charging station with different electronic devices
DIY Charging Station for Different Electric Devices from Little Luna

3. Why Everyone Needs Coffee Organization Stations in Their Home and How to Make Your Own

Coffee is the jump-start many people need to get off on the right track, especially for busy families. I know I need coffee to function well. Having a well-thought-out station for your coffee even with a small space can make a world of difference for a night owl who just can’t deal with mornings without a hefty dose of caffeine.

It also looks pretty and who doesn’t love pretty? 🙂

coffee organization center with wooden shelves, hanging cups on hooks, coffee machine cupboard

4. Shiplap Inspired Organization Stations to Add a Twist To Your Calendar

Do you love the idea of organizing, but not necessarily the “office” feel that many stations provide? Here’s a lovely wall calendar idea that will help you with your chore and home decor at the same time. Try making a backdrop for your station from reclaimed wood. You can stain or paint it to match your décor, and create a beautiful focal center that is just as functional as it is pleasant to watch.

organization station with a calendar, a few framed lists and a reclaimed wood backdrop

5. Everything Has a Place With These Organization Stations Ideas!

Use an entire wall and be purposeful about what you place on it for a command center. Make sure you have everything you need! Here’s a list of just a few things you can consider to add:

  • a few baskets for important papers
  • blank lists
  • dry erase calendars
  • even a couple of framed quotes for inspiration.

an entire wall for command center with baskets for important papers, blank lists, dry erase calendar

6. Brilliant Ideas for Kids (and Moms) – Make Your Mornings Easier With a School Bag Organization Center

Create a place for those bulky backpacks when the kids come home from school, and never worry about tripping over them again! Even though it’s not a major change, keeping the backpacks off the ground will reduce the clutter in your home significantly. Frame a large poster for each child and use a dry erase marker to mark important events, notes, and reminders right above their backpack.

School Bag Organization Center with poster frames on the wall with the kids name and calendars

7. Create Your First Organization Station With a Personalized Family Calendar

Perhaps you’re not into a DIY mood but you need a quick and easy solution to organize your family’s schedule? In this case, a simple calendar would do the trick to keep track of everyone’s events.

You can make it customized to include your family name, fun or inspirational quotes, sayings that mean something to your family, or even a few doodles!

Personalized Family Calendar with post-it notes in rainbow color with the days of the week

8. Turn a Chalkboard Into an Amazing Back-to-School Center

Inspired by an old-school chalkboard, this center has a space for everything – backpacks, lunch boxes, and jackets, important school notes, even artwork! The best thing is that you can customize it any way you want, to suit the needs of the whole family.

old chalkboard turned into an organization center with the days of the week, kids artwork display
Old-Fashioned Chalkboard Used As A Family Organization Center from Katherine Marie Photography

9. Genius Organization Station Ideas For Every Space – Create Your Own Chalkboard Wall

Don’t have an old chalkboard you can reuse? No problem!

By painting an entire wall (perhaps a small hallway wall) in chalkboard paint, you’ve got a great background for a command center that can be changed as often as you need it to! Just label or title everything you place on your wall with chalk, and update when needed.

Check out these family organization station ideas, too for even more inspiration!

paint a small wall and attach a dry erase calendar, clipboards, bins, and markers to keep your family organized and communicating
Small Space Family Communication Center from Better Homes & Gardens

10. Grill Organization Stations Ideas To Save Precious Time on Family Barbecues

Organizing doesn’t belong only inside – consider a station to organize your grill tools and spices. Use this version, that can be closed and keep the contents protected when not in use.

Grill Organization Stations in a wooden counter on a brick fence with spices and barbecue tools

11. Unlock Your Creativity With These Craft Organization Stations Ideas

Use the inside of a doorway as the perfect spot to store wrapping paper, tape, and ribbon. You will not only make sure you’re always ready to wrap a present at a moment’s notice, but you will also have them all displayed efficiently! This helps  with knowing exactly what you have on hand when crafting and saves you precious time.

Craft Organization Station with wire baskets on a wooden door filled with ribbons and paper wrap
Use the Inside of a Closet Door to Organize Craft & Wrapping Supplies from Hi Sugar Plums Blog

12. Help Your Kids Keep Their Rooms Organized by Creating a Hideaway Homework Desk

Create a space that is perfect for kids to do their homework… And create it in such a way that when they’re done, the desk itself is turned into artwork on the wall. No more loose books, pens, and papers all over! So smart!

DIY Hideaway Homework Desk light blue legs and blackboard when on the wall and desk when down

13. Why Do You Need a Snack Organization Station in Your Life Today?

Do you ever feel like the Tasmanian devil twirled through your house after school? Yes, the kiddos are always VERY hungry, when they come home from a long day of soaking knowledge.

Eliminate the after-school headaches with this perfect snack organization stations – it keeps the kids out of the fridge and pantry, and looks like eye candy, too!

14 - Snack Organization Station on 3 tears with top one with bananas, yoghurt, clementines, 2nd tier different snacks, bottom cookies and snacks

14. One Simple Step to Organizing Your Garage – Create a Kiddie Parking Lot

Create a parking lot for kiddie toys in the garage. It’s so easy anyone can do it. Just secure some blue painter’s tape, large enough to hold their toys, and let them “park” in their designated place, when playtime is over.

a Kiddie Parking Lot in the garage with floor marked with painters tape

15. A DIY Tool Storage Station to Keep Your Tools Always Ready For Work

Think of how much easier it would be to find the tools you need if each one had a specific place on the wall in your garage? Oh, wait! You can easily create this space-saving unit and have confidence that your power tools, and their parts, are always within arm’s reach.

DIY Tool Storage Station for tools to store on the wall

16. Pets Organization Station to Effortlessly Cater For Your Furbaby’s Needs

We all love our pets, right? But is there really a good place to put all their stuff? Before I found this idea, our dog’s treats were stored in 3 or 4 different places.

But by using an old shelf cart, you can store it all in one place neatly. Just add some sticker labels to create a cute and functional place to put all your pet’s belongings!

a dog next to a Pets Organization Station from an old cabinet with stickers on drawers

17. Don’t Want Your Organization Stations on Sight Full Time? Try This Hidden Kitchen Organizer Instead!

Create an organization station on the INSIDE of a kitchen cabinet (or even use several!). This is a great solution for those tiny spaces, or for those of you that prefer a clean, “less is more” look.

Hidden Kitchen Organizer on the inside of a drawer with lists attached

18. Get Rid of Messy Closets With A Simple Clothing Organizer

Make school mornings a breeze with this system – label drawers with the day of the week, and laid out all the clothes in one fell swoop. You can prepare them on Sundays with your kids. No more arguments in the morning about what to wear, and no more scrambling to find something suitable in the morning!

Clothing Organizer with days of the week on the drawers filled with clothes

19. Wondering What to Do With Your Kids Toys in The Bathroom? Check This Bathtub Toy Storage Out!

Add a hanging fruit basket to your shower curtain rod and make bath time clean up as easy as can be! No more tripping over toys or leaving them in the bottom of the tub to get moldy.

a hanging fruit basket on a shower curtain rod

20. Rolling Art Storage Hack: Keep Your Art Supplies Organized and Easy To Move Around The House at All Times

Use a rolling cart to store all your art supplies – easy to pull out and have access to everything you need in one place. A huge bonus is that you can clean it up just as easily and roll away when you’re done!

Rolling Art Storage in a rolling cart filled with supplies

As you can see, there is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to getting your life (and the hundreds of thousands of details in it!) organized.

Try out some of these tips and let us know what you think! You could even try picking and choosing parts of our suggestions and coming up with your own version, tailored just for your family. Which one of these ideas looks best to you? Which one are you keen to try?

If these organization station ideas blew your mind, you should definitely check out:

20 organization station ideas to get your life in order collage

Which one is your favorite family organization station idea?

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