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Organize with a lazy susan. Do you have an awkward corner that you just can’t seem to keep organized? Perhaps you have a little too much clutter on a particular surface, but you still need everything within easy reach. Either way, a Lazy Susan can be the answer to your problems. These handy little turntables can help you organize and make sense out of tight spaces while still keeping your items within reach. Here are 15 clever ideas for using Lazy Susans in your home.

15 Clever Ways to Get Organized with a Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan Hacks

Make your own Lazy Susan with marbles and round pans. It’s so easy!

Organize with a lazy susan

Video: Easy Lazy Susan Hack

Check out this video showing you how to make the easiest Lazy Susan hack!

Hang a Lazy Susan upside down under your cabinet to create rotating utensil storage.

how to Organize with a lazy susan


Make a Lazy Susan Homework Station to add to the kids’ desk. It’s so handy to have all those writing and crafts supplies in one place!

lazy susan hacks 6


Make family game night EVEN BETTER with a Lazy Susan Game Board.

lazy susan hacks 12


Make a Lazy Susan shoe rack for your closet. How nice will it be to access all your shoes with just a spin? (Get more shoe organization ideas here.)

lazy susan hacks 3


Organize with a lazy susan. You can paint mason jars and cans to add to the Lazy Susan in your craft room.

how to Organize


Put a bookcase on a lazy susan pedestal to create an organization station for the kids. Add a cork board to one side, hooks to another and a mirror on the back. Super smart!

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Put one under the sink to organize your cleaning supplies.

lazy susan hacks 7


Make spinning chore charts for the kids. Hey, anything to make chores a little more fun, right?

lazy susan decluttering idea


Put your perfume on display on your vanity.

lazy susan hacks 10


Add them to your pantry to maximize corner space. What a smart idea!

lazy susan hacks 4



Set one up at your coffee station. This is especially helpful if you’re a coffee addict with lots of different coffee flavors.

lazy susan hacks 5

Save space in a laundry closet with a lazy susan to house your detergents, pods, stain removers, etc.

lazy susan hacks 15


Put a couple of Lazy Susans in the refrigerator for your condiments. This frees up door space for other items.

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Although these are DIY spinning displays, you can buy similar Lazy Susans to achieve the same effect with your nail polish and jewelry. Here’s a pretty and simple stainless steel version.

lazy susan hacks 9


lazy susan organization ideas